The second coming is near – Israeli scientist Rabbi claims

Rabbi, an Israeli scientist claims a collision of two stars will generate a new super star that would be visible from earth as from 2022. He believes this is a sign that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near

If the predicted birth of a new star and ancient religious texts are to be believed, the second coming of Jesus Christ could be much sooner than expected.

This is according to a prominent Israeli Rabbi, Yosef Berger, who is based in Jerusalem. An Israeli Rabbi believes the formation of a new star fulfills an ancient prophecy.

According to astronomers at the University of Michigan, two stars will collide and herald a new super star which we will be able to observe from earth as from 2022.

Yosef does not take this development simply as a matter of passing interest and fascination. Instead, he points to a prophecy made in the 12th century by a Rabbi called Moses ben Maimon, which is corroborated by the Bible in Numbers 24:17.

He adds that the Zohar, a Jewish religious text, outlines the formations of new stars and the subsequent second coming of Christ.

Scientists say that when stars collide, a supernova, which is a bright explosion that can sometimes be seen from earth, occurs. This usually happens when stars have reached the end of their lives.

According to Yosef, it is this supernova that forms yet another sign that Christ’s return is near.

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